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Caron Coldwell

Following my graduation, I worked primarily as a 'Colourist' painter, interested in capturing and conveying the memory of places - see Earlier Works examples.

Most of my recent works are a significant departure from the preoccupations in earlier work, albeit that my painterly/mark-making abilities and use of colour remain self evident. I think my more recent decorated paper cast spoons, utensils and pots works successfully blur the boundaries between fine art and craft – thematically, these works reference e.g. history, costume, style, TV, cinema etc... imagery that provokes a kind of cultural nostalgia.

Each work results from layering torn newspaper that is pasted onto various cutlery items and ceramic vases... then, when dry, the paper is separated from its mold ... each feather weight cast piece then has collage and acrylic paint added to the surface as a final stage..

The framed works have a museum exhibit quality and, when viewed in close up, they delight in their cheerful, icon-like, nostalgic familiarity.  Each work is a labour of love... certainly a long time in the making.  The decorated paper vase works both complement and contrast the framed pieces. All of these works conjure up a ‘smile in the mind’ triggered by the familiarity of the imagery set in surprising contexts.

Some of my art heroes:

Peter Blake, Will McLean, Scottish Colourists, Giorgio Morandi, Joseph Cornell, Joan Eardley, Grayson Perry, Tom Philips.


Since graduationg I have exhibited and sold work in solo and group shows at: Bridgwater Arts Centre, Ilminster Arts Centre, The Sugar Cube Gallery, The Great Bow Wharf (Langport), Artifex Gallery (Sutton Coldfield) , Thelma Hulbert Gallery (Honiton)… and CICCIC (Creative Innovation Centre, Taunton).

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Gordon Coldwell – Background & Practice

My work is an eclectic mix of 'unique evolutions' with lots of autobiographical references. Much of my work is what might be described as ‘Art About Art’, multi-layered in construction and potential meaning.

Many of my artworks are made by importing original and sourced pictorial content into two kinds of image manipulating software, the composition is then constructed, developed and finessed digitally.

I see the digital stage of my work as a form of ‘under-painting’... when print outputted onto white Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper or stretched on canvas, there is then a final hand-painted development stage in which colour pigment and textural elements are added.

All of my artworks have the potential to be produced on a very large scale and all works remain unique because of the final hand painted stage.

Some of my art heroes:

Rembrandt van Rijn, Jan Vermeer, Frans Hals, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, Diego Velasquez, George Stubbs, Théodore Gericault, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Eugène Delacroix, Georges Seurat, Pablo Picasso, Kurt Schwitters, Marcel Duchamp, Andrew Wyeth, Victor Pasmore, Jim Dine, Larry Rivers, Richard Hamilton, Peter Blake.


I have exhibited (and on occasions won awards) at Worthing Museum & Art Gallery (West Sussex), Ilminster Arts Centre, The Tacchi Morris Centre (Taunton), The Sugar Cube Gallery (Hambridge), The Great Bow Wharf (Langport), Artifex Gallery (Sutton Coldfield) , Thelma Hulbert Gallery (Honiton), Black Swan Arts Centre (Frome), The Atkinson Gallery (Millfield), Evolver Cover Exhibitions (Wessex), Bernie Grant Centre (Tottenham), Blue Cedar Printworks Gallery (Glastonbury)… and CICCIC (Creative Innovation Centre, Taunton).

Abbreviated CV - Education and Career

Born Wraysbury, Buckinghamshire 1958

Foundation Course in Art & Design - Bridgwater College 1990-91     

BA Hons. Degree in Fine Art - Plymouth University 1991-95       

Associate Lecturer in Art & Design - Bridgwater College 1995-2006

Art Support Staff - Chilton trinity School 2006 - 2011

Full-Time artist 2011 - Present

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Abbreviated CV - Education and Career

Born Newcastle upon Tyne 1954

Bachelor of Education Hons Degree - Warwick University 1976

Art Teacher - Saintbridge School, Gloucester 1976-78

Art & Design Lecturer - West Sussex College of Design 1979-86

Head of Art, Design & Media - Bridgwater College 1987-1996

Marketing Manager - Bridgwater College 1996 - 2007

Owner of ‘I More Than Brand'  2007 - Present

Full-Time artist 2014 - Present

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Buying Work

Many of the works displayed in the Artworks section of the website are for sale or can be bought by ordering a 'unique evolution' of a piece.  Artworks cannot be purchased directly on-line. 

If you are interested in buying or commissioning work, you can make direct contact with Gordon & Caron by email and/or phone. Please go to the Buying and/or Contact pages to find out more.

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