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Tales of India - Caron Coldwell
Tales of India
Princesses - Caron Coldwell
Once I caught a fish alive - Caron Coldwell
Once I caught a fish alive...

Caron Coldwell -  Nostalgic Stories

Caron Coldwell is a Somerset based artist who has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows.

Following her graduation from the University of Plymouth, she worked as a 'Colourist' painter, interested in capturing and conveying the memory of places.

Over the past three years, she has concentrated her creative efforts on making paper casts taken from functional objects such as spoons, cake slices and pots which she then decorates with collage and hand-painted details.

The work on show highlights Caron’s painterly mark-making abilities and blurs the boundary between fine art and craft.

Caron says: “Thematically, my cast paper-works reference e.g. religious icons, history, costume, children's storybooks, cinema etc... imagery that I hope evokes a kind of cultural nostalgia.

The vases and framed works on display have a 'museum exhibit' quality and, when viewed in detail, the imagery delight's the eye and the illustrated characters hint at broader narratives.

Each work is a labour of love... certainly a long time in the making. 

Caron’s website:

Posted by Gordon Coldwell on May 21st 2018

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