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The Audition - Gordon Coldwell

The Audition

A circus troupe presents a tableau 'performance' on a high-level floor in a contemporary corporate space. Each clown-like character's costume is covered in what looks like brightly coloured but unfathomable signs and symbols. 

The 'Audition'... has the look of an out of context - 'out of time and place' - and rather sinister dance. The performance might be called 'Coulrophobia' (Fear of Clowns) - the soundtrack: David Bowie's Ashes to Ashes.

From 2005 to 2015 I owned and managed my own branding company. The Audition, partly references the process of pitching for new project work... and partly the experience of attending - so many - business networking events.

Ancient & Modern - Heroes & Clowns - Grdon Coldwell
The Frailty of Politics, Faith & Ideology - Gordon Coldwell

Ancient & Modern - Heroes & Clowns

The scene relates to an ancient Roman or Greek place of worship or a venue for competitive sports or dramatic performance. The characters are embodiments, representative of the arts, both ancient and modern. They are Super Heroes and Clowns. 

The Frailty of Politics, Faith & Ideology

The context is that of a church interior. However, pictured on the altar, the figure of worship is a plastic goat, The other, super-hero looking 3D figures are frozen embodiments of fears and phobias

Analogous to a dream-like scene, the narrative is deliberately ambiguous and open to interpretation.

Worshipping the Temple - Gordon Coldwell
The Dark Side of the Moon - Gordon Coldwell

Worshipping the Temple

The Dark Side of the Moon

Star Man - Gordon Coldwell
The Birth of Adam - Gordon Coldwell

Star Man

The Birth of Adam

Venus & Adam & Eve Gallery - Gordon Coldwell
Starman Gallery - Gordon Coldwell

Venus + Adam & Eve Gallery

Starman Gallery

The Birth of Venus - Gordon Coldwell
Adam & Eve - Gordon Coldwell

The Birth of Venus

Adam & Eve

Vitruvian Trinity - Gordon Coldwell

Vitruvian Trinity

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