Neo Pop Artworks

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Hollywood Las Meninas - Gordon Coldwell

Hollywood Las Meninas

TODAY - Gordon Coldwell


‘TODAY’ is filled with autobiographical references. The virtual interior is based on a work by the British Pop Artist Richard Hamilton – Interior II (1964) - see above.

TODAY might be seen as a Neo Pop Art work. The image captures and references influences on my art practice. The passage of time, memory and aspects of art history combine in the making of a kind of self portrait.

  • The red curtain signals the unveiling of a stage set
  • The shadow on the floor which features a young boy, with a bucket and spade, on his father’s shoulders, is in fact me and my eldest son pictured 30+ years ago – it references memory and the passage of time.
  • The female ‘art-muse’ on the rhs of the scene is in fact my wife seen here – she represents Athena, the goddess of wisdom, art and war etc.
  • The predominantly red artwork on the wall directly behind Athena is a work of mine called ‘The Primary Focal Point’. It references my love of Dutch 17th century painting and how we look for meaning in a work of art.
  • The image suspended across the corner of the room consists of virtual spaces in which objects and college students interact – the title of the work is ‘Vitruvian Kids’. I made the artwork as a cover image for an award winning college prospectus I designed. 
  • The image on the ceiling references space and time.
  • The painting on the floor, propped up against the wall started life as a painting by the French artist David, called the ‘Death of Marat’. Here, the image has been adapted to contain a draped Greek Flag, the head of a sculpture of Alexander the Great replaces the head of Marat. Alexander holds a sheet of paper on which he has drawn a large X. The work is called ‘The Greek Vote’ and relates to the 2016 referendum to stay or leave the EU.
  • The white dove references time, movement and sound in a scene in which everything else is frozen
  • On the wall in the space separating the two rooms is ‘Culture Show’. Based on Roxy Music’s ‘Country Life’ album cover, the two young women wear head covering garments representative of different religions.
  • The scene in the other room is my own remaking of Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase - my version features Nudes Descending a Staircase.
  • The spiral staircase is overlooked by my portrait of Richard Hamilton called RIP RH. Hamilton was a promoter of Duchamp’s importance in 20th century art developments. 
iBEAUTY - Gordon Coldwell


Mad March Hare - Gordon Coldwell
Pop Dove - Gordon Coldwell

Mad March Hare

My Hare is a composite of six+ Hares. His madness is referenced by the 'Cuckoo' badge, the 'Dandy' feather and the red striped 'Straw' - when, for example, newspaper illustrators/cartoonists in the 19th Century wanted to lampoon a politician... they would place a straw in the hair of the figure... think about the scarecrow in the Wizzard of Oz... he wanted a brain, rather than straw for a head.

POP Dove

Super Heroines - Gordon Coldwell
All in One Super Heroine - Gordon Coldwell

Super Heroines

Spot the Super-Hero... a Neo-POP artwork that celebrates Film, TV and Comic Strip heroines. In its multiplicity of characters, the image also suggests another, single, shape-shifting 'Super Woman' that carries echoes of the female robot (Maschinenmensch), Maria, from the 1927 Fritz Lang film Metropolis.

Re-Imagined MM - Gordon Coldwell

Re-Imagined MM

Boyhood American Heroes - Gordon Coldwell
Geronimo - Gordon Coldwell

Boyhood Heroes

Geronimo - Boyhood Hero

Ready Steady Go! - Gordon Coldwell

Ready Steady Go!

Oberon - Gordon Coldwell


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