Self Portraits

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Autbiography - Alternative Self Portrait - Gordon Coldwell

Autobiography - Alternative Self-Portrait

This is a self portrait presented in the form of a series of virtual gallery spaces, each containing objects and images of personal significance.

The interior spaces are presented in chronological order and can be read, from top left to bottom right, as my autobiography.

Portraits - Gordon Coldwell


HOME - Gordon Coldwell


Revisiting The Favourite Child

Revisiting The Favourite Child

In Andrew Wyeth's Head - Gordon Coldwell

In Andrew Wyeth's Head 

Me at 65 - Gordon Coldwell
Me 13 April 2019 - Gordon Coldwell

Me at 65

Me 13 April 2019

Us Now - Gordon Coldwell

Us Now

Office Self Portrait - Gordon Coldwell

Office Self Portrait

I Am - Gordon Coldwell
In & Out of Focus

I Am

In & Out of Focus

When I was in Arles - Gordon Coldwell

When I was in Arles

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